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Big Red Ventures is managed by Cornell Johnson & Cornell Tech MBA students, Cornell Law Candidates, and other students of the Graduate School.

Associate Application Open

Associates work in teams to perform due diligence review of target companies, including analysis of their business model, assessment of the market, consideration of personnel, and other key factors for successful growth.  The team will also actively engage the Cornell entrepreneurship and VC community. Associates are highly encouraged to apply for a 2023-2024 Fund Manager position. 

The Associate application can be found here

Application Deadline: Aug. 28 at 11:59pm
Interviews: Aug. 25-Sept. 9


Currently enrolled as a Graduate Student at Cornell University. Eligible degree programs include (but are not limited to):
  • Johnson Graduate School of Business 2-Year Candidates
  • Johnson Graduate School of Business AMBA Candidates
  • Johnson Cornell Tech
  • Cornell Law School
  • All other Graduate School students
Investment Brief
A required component of the interview is the completion of an investment brief (or one-pager).  When invited for an interview, applicants will be asked to investigate one pre-seed (or later) company and compile publicly available information on the company. The completed investment brief (1 page max) must be emailed at least one day prior to the interview. A sample template will be provided in the interview invite. Feel free to use resources such as Crunchbase when completing your brief. We require you to analyze late-stage start-ups to avoid the potential conflict of the recruiting process serving as our pipeline. Please be advised that we do not intend or plan to use these briefs for anything other than evaluating your work product. In the event you chose an early-stage company, please understand that BRV could move forward on a deal with that company despite rejecting your application. Do not reach out to the founders, employees, representatives, or agents (“Company Personnel”) of the company; under no circumstances are you considered a part of BRV or represent the fund in any form. In the event you do reach out to Company Personnel, your candidacy will be immediately terminated. If you are offered an associate position and it later surfaces that your Investment Brief was prepared after reaching out to Company Personnel then your relationship with BRV will be terminated.


Any questions regarding the recruitment process should be directed to Laura DeMassa at We look forward to reviewing your application.