Current openings at BRV portfolio companies.

Datalogue’s AI powered pipelines automatically prepare any data from any source or any format, for immediate, compliant use.

Locations: Montreal and NYC

Caper focuses on compacting Amazon-Go’s technology image recognition, sensor fusion and artificial intelligence.

Locations: NYC

Concertio Optimizer tools monitor and learn from the interactions between applications and systems to dynamically bring them into concert with each other.

Locations: NYC and Tel Aviv

TetraScience provides a mission control for scientific R&D that helps teams better use their time and equipment by bringing Internet of Things technology to the laboratory.

Locations: Boston

TeraPore Technologies is commercializing cutting-edge membrane technologies. Its mission is to solve the most challenging bioseparations problems through the development and use of high-permeability, high-resolution membrane nanofiltration systems for bioprocessing and other applications, across a wide range of industries.

Locations: San Fransisco

Venga offers a CRM and business intelligence platform for restaurants to analyze their customers’ purchases, habits and preferences.

Locations: Washington DC

VcribbleLive is the leading content cloud provider, helping companies manage the lifecycle of their content, across the buyer’s journey.

Locations: Toronto