Author, BRV Fund Manager: Lauren Han


Founded in 2010, TSVC is a leading early-stage venture capital fund in Silicon Valley. By investing in forward-thinking ideas and cutting-edge deep technologies, TSVC has been ranked in the top decile of early-stage VC funds in Silicon Valley. Over the past 12 years, TSVC has delivered outstanding returns to investors by funding over 200 startups in deep tech-focused areas such as SaaS, AI chips, Fintech, Biotech, Blockchain and Semiconductors. With 9 unicorns in the portfolio, TSVC is named a top unicorn investor in the US by PitchBook.

Interest in Venture Capital (VC)

How did you become interested in VC? What were some considerations before you entered the VC industry?

My interest in VC stemmed from personal experiences and encounters in the Bay Area, including interactions at events and sharing deals with colleagues. This network and shared interest in innovation and investment paved the way for my entry into the VC industry.

I would encourage young professionals to do as many internships as they can in different industries. This way, they can discover what they are truly passionate about. I have experience in investment banking, supply chain, and as an investment analyst, and I eventually found VC to be particularly attractive. Of course, I was also fortunate to get a referral from a friend to TSVC.

 Investment Experience – Can you share a recent or memorable investment you have been involved in?

 eBots is one of the most memorable investments that highlights uses of AI and robotic technology in company’s operations. The company uses AI for visual analysis and robotic arms to perform precise assembly tasks, mimicking human actions. This automation significantly enhances efficiency and precision in manufacturing processes. Given demographic trend of a declining young generation in most countries and labor shortages, innovative solutions like eBots are becoming increasingly necessary.

 TSVC’s investment underscores potential impacts of eBots’ technology in transforming manufacturing practices from traditional labor-intensive manufacturing processes at Foxconn to automated solutions developed by eBots. TSVC invested in eBots at the seed stage, and the company has progressed to a more advanced stage in its development.

Networking and Connections

How do networking and professional connections play a role in your investment decisions and overall strategy?

 Networking is crucial, as shared deals and insights from connections often lead to better investment opportunities. Gaining access to valuable information and collaborations is key to successful and sustainable investment outcome. Typically, TSVC share deals and compare notes with other VC funds, connecting with founders and learning about the most advanced technologies and trends from them. I would say the best teachers are the founders. 

 Market Outlook and Deal Flows – What are your outlooks for the market and deal flows in the VC space?

Given the market has cooled down after a period of high activity and inflated valuations, the current environment is beneficial as it allows real founders with solid ideas to emerge, making the industry more selective and focused on genuine innovation.