Value Added to Portfolio Companies

Johnson at Cornell University

Business Expertise

With a team of 40+ full-time MBA students, BRV provides portfolio companies with a vast amount of business expertise from management consultants, investment bankers, venture capitalists, doctors, lawyers and more.

Johnson at Cornell University

Technical Expertise

With the creation of the Cornell Tech campus in the heart of New York City, BRV can introduce portfolio companies to computer scientists, data scientists, tech-focused MBAs and hardware gurus.

Cornell University Logo

Access to Cornell

BRV draws upon the formidable resources of Cornell University – an Ivy League institution with more than 100 research centers and a community that produces more than 200 patentable ideas each year.

Investment Process

Deal Sourcing

Our BRV team in New York City and Ithaca sources deals through personal connections, industry events, pitch competitions and through word of mouth in the NYC tech community.

Due Diligence

BRV allows 40+ MBA students to learn and take part in the due diligence process of evaluating prospective investments. Therefore, our investments typically take two to three months to close.

Investment Decision

Once an MBA student team has performed due diligence and made a final investment recommendation, the deal is sent to the BRV Fund Managers and Advisors to finalize the investment decision.

Measure and Consult

Once an investment is made, we can connect our portfolio companies to value-added consulting services from Cornell University and the Johnson Graduate School of Management.