A BRV investment puts the intellectual assets of one of the largest research institutions at the disposal of our portfolio companies.

BR Venture Fund (BRV) is Johnson’s early stage venture capital fund. Operated entirely by a team of MBA students, BRV typically invests up to $250,000 in US-based high growth companies across all industries. Initially funded by donations to the University, BRV is a true evergreen fund, recycling all proceeds for reinvestment. Along with investing startup capital in promising new companies, BRV also serves as the gateway to Cornell technologies by providing its investment partners unique access to new innovations. Through its established relationships with other investors, BRV has the ability to create new syndicate opportunities as well as participate in those presented to the fund.

An investment from BRV not only brings with it the backing of one of the top Business Schools in the world, but also the ability to leverage any of Cornell’s many resources.