William Poon: Cornell Tech Fund Manager

As companies like Amazon, Intel, and Google develop new technologies, consumers only see a polished product. What we don’t realize is that as the technology improves, it becomes exponentially more complex. As companies use more complex computers and systems, there is a growing need for making these systems efficient. Over time, there are more settings on these systems that can be tuned to optimize for optimal performance. Early systems only had a handful of settings, but today’s systems have hundreds, representing 1020 or 1030 possible tuning configurations. Companies traditionally have manually tuned the settings, which takes time and energy, without reaching the full optimal settings for the best performance, leaving major inefficiencies in the system.

Realizing the issue, Concertio, one of Big Red Ventures’ portfolio companies, developed a product to boost the performance of computing systems by as much as 5x. This results in higher performance, faster speeds and response times, while saving infrastructure costs by as much as 80%. They’re able to do this by applying AI to optimize these settings in a way that is not currently done in the market. With the innovations that Concertio is bringing to the industry, companies using products like Intel CPUs, Kubernetes, or Web Servers can continue to build new technologies that require more complex systems without fear of inefficiencies. 

Concertio was co-founded by Tomer Morad PhD, as part of the Cornell Tech Runway Startup program, where postdocs receive the funding, resources, and training to start a high growth startup. Tomer received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technion in 2015. They’re the first to provide automatic and real time tuning of computing systems. 
Optimizer Studio is Concertio’s static optimization tool. It is a software product that can optimize virtually any computing system in a lab environment. The tool recommends optimal system settings that can later be applied in production environments. Optimizer Runtime, Concertio’s fully automatic and dynamic optimization tool, is meant to be installed directly in production environments. After installation, the program learns and gathers information about your system and workload. Finally, it changes the settings to match the characteristics that produce the highest performance, all in real time.