Current Investments

Venga is a DC-based guest management system for restaurants that combines transaction data with customer profiles, providing targeted feedback, marketing, and analytics.
Adenios technology both raises and lowers the permeability of the blood brain barrier to precisely control the delivery of existing drugs. The technology, spun out of Cornell University, can be paired with unmodified current therapeutics to either improve or block delivery of multiple compounds into the brain.
GNS Healthcare is a healthcare IT company that applies machine learning and simulation technology to optimize patient treatment in partnership with health insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers, and pharmaceutical & biotech companies. GNS Healthcare is the information guru between drug makers and drug buyers matching drugs to patients to deliver on the promise of “smart” medicine.
Medical Care Corporation created the MCI Screen, a precise measure of memory function with 97% accuracy. It is simple to implement in clinical practice, and enables physicians to distinguish normal aging from subtle memory changes caused by underlying medical conditions. Using the MCI Screen to perform short, reimbursed assessments can greatly improve patient care, while building your practice.
NovaSterilis is committed to providing a new level of patient safety and product performance through the development of a new, emerging technology. The development of the supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent for the NovaKill sterilent allows the biomedical community to achieve sterilization without compromising the product’s integrity.
e2e Materials, based in Ithaca, NY develops, designs, engineers and produces proprietary biocomposites for the furniture, cabinetry and other markets. e2e’s proprietary composites are made from soy flour and natural grass fiber such as jute, flax and kenaf. Products made from e2e’s biocomposite are stronger, lighter, safer and cheaper than those made from formaldehyde-laden wood composites. Additionally, e2e uses only a small fraction of the energy required for wood composites, saving billions of pounds of CO2.
Appinions is driven by their mandate that “Opinions Matter.” Appinions is a powerful and innovative opinions platform that publishers and researchers can use to configure applications that will offer their customers more and better content that will engage, drive more traffic, generate revenue and better information, and carve out a competitive edge.

Previous Investments

Pacific Biosciences created the PacBio RS system to conduct, monitor and analyze single molecule in realtime (SMRT™) sequencing reactions. The instrument features high performance optics, automated liquid handling, and an environmental control center, all directed through an intuitive touchscreen interface. Also included is our state-of-the-art Blade Center, the computational brain responsible for primary data analysis. The comprehensive informatics suite, for more advanced analyses, completes the package. Exited via IPO.
SightSpeed created the first high quality, cost-effective and easy-to-use video conferencing solution for every business. Unlike traditional high cost, room-based hardware systems, SightSpeed Business also is fully portable — all you need is a webcam and broadband connection. Exited via sale to Logitech.