Investment Criteria

“We look for passionate entrepreneurs, defensible businesses, outstanding technologies or products and high growth opportunities” – BR Ventures Investment Committee

BR Venture Fund (“BRV”) is unique, truly value added seed stage capital. Bringing to bear more than just financial capital, BRV leverages the resources of a world-class research institution, a talented and driven student body and a diverse alumni network for the benefit of our portfolio companies.

BRV is dedicated to supporting our entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Knowing what it takes to make your idea, discovery or technology into a viable, fundable business is what we do best. We team with entrepreneurs to create the winning companies of tomorrow.

BR Venture Fund looks for opportunities that meet the following criteria:

Key Characteristics We Look For

Cornell Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an idea with which to launch a company? Take advantage of the technologies available for licensing at CCTEC (Cornell’s tech transfer office).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a connection to Cornell?
-No, but it helps. The Fund will review plans submitted from outside the Cornell community and looks at every plan submitted as a chance to foster entrepreneurship. We do encourage those with a Cornell connection to submit plans, as we have proven very effective at helping to launch Cornell related ventures.

Does the Fund Take a Board Seat on its Investments?
-This varies according to each situation depending on the size and significance of the investment and company needs of the company. Regardless, we always take an active role in assisting the development and growth of our partners

Do you work closely with BR Consulting “BRC”?
-Absolutely. BRC is a major resource for business creation and we work closely together with them and other campus organizations to maximize our portfolio companies’ value.

For Funding Consideration

If you would like BRV to consider your company for early stage funding, then please navigate to BRVenturefund Login and fill out the application under the Company Sign Up link